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The TasteCambodia site is a comprehensive resource of authentic Khmer cuisine offers in Cambodia, by the Ministry of Tourism. To add your restaurant or food business offer, please contact us with a short (100 word) description, contact details, location, and 3 high-quality images at info@tastecambodia.org.

123 Pigs

123 Pig Restaurant brings you traditional Khmer cuisine, with its roots set in the Battambang province. Their specialty dish, Nhem, is a tantalising snack that wraps grilled, ground up fish in a banana leaf and is a famous representative of the flavours of Battambang. The restaurant also brings you an array of dishes that encapsulate the trademark sweet and sour Khmer flavours. 123 Pig Restaurant welcomes its diners into an atmosphere that represents the beautiful nature of Cambodia, with trees and plants decorating the venue.

Borbormornsrae Restaurant

Borbormornsrae Restaurant serves Khmer cuisine using high quality ingredients such as palm sugar brought directly from Siem Reap and Kampong Chhnang. The restaurant has signature dishes such as porridge, black chicken soup and pig’s brain soup, using recipes that originate from the Takeo province. Another notable dish from the restaurant is Mi Kola, which originally came from Battambang. Foodies and Battambang locals who miss the authentic taste of Mi Kola can travel to Borbormornsrae Restaurant.

Chanang Indigenous Online

Chanang soup is a native dish from the Ratanakiri region, the home of many Indigenous residents in Cambodia. Founded by Ms. Lat Sok Em, who is part of the Kreung people, she started Chanang Indigenous Online to promote and preserve Indigenous food in Cambodia. A talented chef, Ms. Lat’s renowned Chanang soup won second place in the regional special cuisine category at the 20th National Culinary Arts Festival. Patrons of her restaurant will find that her food is made with love and warmth. The food here is cooked using traditional methods, such as slow cooking, and is delicately handmade.

Eleven One Kitchen

Eleven One Kitchen prides itself on being environmentally conscious in all its offerings, ensuring food is served without MSGs, and packaged in biodegradable Tupperware. The open space kitchen allows customers to be part of the cooking process, and creates a more ‘homely’ environment. The menu is a fusion of Khmer and Western styles, bringing twists to well-known dishes. Special dishes are continually changed to incorporate seasonal produce. The menu offers options for vegans and vegetarians as well.

Kraya Angkor Restaurant

Kraya Angkor is a traditional Cambodian restaurant that delves deep into exploring Cambodian culture through food. The dishes can be traced back through hundreds of years of Cambodian history, and are representations of the Khmer identity, culture, and traditions.

Labaab Restaurant

Cuisine from the heart of Mekong! Labaab brings home-style Mekong cuisine in a Khmer home setting. Located in the heart of Phnom Penh's city centre, this gem serves up plates full of tradition.

Malis boasts a ‘Living Cambodian Cuisine’. By researching, practicing and promoting Cambodian cuisine, we aim to safeguard the nation’s food heritage for years to come.

Mealea is a fine dining restaurant that will take you on a culinary journey across Asia and the rest of the world. What better location to enjoy the absolute best gastronomic choices than this wonderfully restored 80-year-old French colonial building that once served as the headquarters for the commander of the French army in Cambodia. The ornate columns and remarkable traditional tiles will provide the perfect setting for what promises to be one of the city’s best dining experiences.  Breakfast buffet is served from 6:30am till 11:00am daily, with the extensive menu offering a range of Asian and Western options which changes on a 6-day cycle. The breakfast buffet is available for guests only and there is also a varied breakfast a la carte menu for visitors or guests who have not booked breakfast.

Neal Khmer Cakes

Founded in 2017, Neal supplies over 60 types of traditional Khmer desserts. Their vision is to preserve, compile and to honour Cambodians and to give them a high-end place in the world. Neal also aims to become the first choice for Cambodian biscuits and pastries and to have 20 branches in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

Neasa Dessert

Neasa Dessert Shop brings a modern twist to traditional Khmer desserts, showcasing the Khmer identity with a creative flair. The naturally made desserts take you on a journey through Khmer agriculture, showing off the rich food heritage with desserts such as Num Ansam Khnor (Sticky Rice Cake with Jackfruit), and Num Chak Kachan (Steamed Layer Cake).