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Must Try Khmer Dishes

Fish Amok 

Cambodia’s national dish. Fish infused with creamy curry, coconut milk, ‘Kroeung’ paste and steamed in banana leaves.

Samlor Korko

Also known as ‘stirring pot soup’. A hearty fish and vegetables stew made with ‘prahok’ and ‘Kroeung’ paste.

Kangkeb Bouk

Frog stuffed with minced pork that is charcoal-grilled in Cambodian spices. A street food sensation that tastes like chicken meat.

Samlor M’chu Kroeung  

A Cambodian staple soup. Sour beef or chicken with tamarind, water spinach and ‘kroeung’ paste.

Chanang Beef Soup

A noodle soup dish from the Ratanakiri province.

Teuk Kroeung

A dipping sauce made from prahok, snakehead fish and tamarind ingredients, often accompanied by an array of raw seasonal vegetables.

Nom Banh Chok Samlor Khmer

Also known as Khmer noodles, this breakfast noodle soup contains fermented rice noodles, fish gravy and an assortment of raw vegetables.

Prahok Ktis

A minced pork dip that is made from coconut cream, fermented fish in other words, Prahok, dried red chillies, yellow ‘Kroeung’, vegetable oil and pea eggplants.

Kuy Teav Soup

A breakfast noodle soup prepared with rice noodles, beef and aromatic herbs.

Samlar kari

Also known as Khmer curry. A soupy aromatic curry that has coconut milk and diced chicken, best served poured over Khmer rice noodle or bread.

Lok Lak 

A beef stir-fry sauteed in paprika, Kampot pepper, tomato and fish sauce.

Bay Scrob

National breakfast dish, Grilled chicken or pork over rice. 

Nom Ansom

A versatile dessert, these sticky rice cakes come wrapped in banana leaves and can be eaten either sweet or savory.

Bo Bor Moan  

Also known as chicken porridge, a simple yet hearty congee made with broth, shredded chicken, dried shrimps and garnished with shallots.  

Sticky Black Rice With Buffalo Meat

A dish made by indigenous people in Cambodia from the Ratanakiri province.