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Week 4

Virtual Food Festival

Virtual Food Festival Session 4

In the last week of the Virtual Food Festival, Chef Chanra and Chef Rado alongside actress, Sok Sokonitha held a live masterclass showcasing how to make Teok Kreoung Khmer Leur and Palm Seed with Sticky Rice Dessert. 

Chef Chanra started with a putting together the key ingredients needed: 

  • Fish (can grill or boil) 
  • Shrimp paste 
  • Prahok sauce  
  • Fish sauce 
  • Tamarin sauce 
  • Palm Sugar 
  • Garlic 
  • Chili 
  • Coconut milk

For the dip, it was recommended to use fresh vegetables such as cucumber, baby corn, water hyacinth and wing bean. 

To start off, Chef Chanra prepared the chilies by roughly chopping them. He then added the chilies, garlic, onions and a little bit of salt for seasoning to the pan and stir-fried them to release the aromatic flavours. 

After stir-frying the ingredients, he transferred them into a mortar. Sugar was added before manually grinding the chili, garlic and onion slices together.  

After a few minutes of grinding the mixture until it was all blended, he added fish, shrimp paste, fish sauce, Tamarin sauce and Prahok sauce and turned it into a paste.  

While getting the paste ready, he simmered the coconut milk in a pan. He made sure that it coated the bottom and stirred occasionally to ensure that the coconut milk did not burn. 

He then added the paste into the pan of coconut milk and stirred consistently for a few minutes, mixing it together to release the aromas and flavours.  

After the paste was fully mixed with coconut milk, Chef Chanra completed his dish by plating the delicious Teuk Kreoung Khmer Leur with a variety of fresh vegetables. 

In the second half of the masterclass, Chef Rado took the lead and shared how to make palm seed with sticky rice dessert. He started off with a preparation of the following ingredients:

  • Young Palm Fruit 
  • Young Coconut Meat 
  • Jack Fruit (Optional) 
  • Coconut milk 
  • Palm Sugar and Sugar 
  • Salt 

In between getting the ingredients ready, he added a generous amount of sticky rice into a pot of water to soak, and thereafter set it to boil, starting from a low heat, gradually to high. 

While he waited for the sticky rice to boil, Chef Rado diced the young palm fruit into bite-sized cubes, scraped the young coconut flesh and then sliced the jackfruit thinly before setting it aside for later. 

Next, Chef Rado checked on the sticky rice, and stirred continously to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot.  

When it boiled, Chef Rado added the palm fruit, jackfruit and young coconut flesh slices, which infused the fruit flavours with the sticky rice. He then closed the lid and waited for the mixture to boil again. 

After two minutes, he transferred eight scoops of coconut milk to the sticky rice mixture, stirring it every few minutes so that the glutinous rice and fruits were mixed evenly.  

Chef Rado then added sugar and dessert paste for sweetening, and closed the lid to let the palm seeds and sticky rice thicken. 

For the second last step, he added coconut milk once again and let the pot simmer for an additional 5 minutes. 

Lastly, the dish was plated in a small bowl with a small flower as a garnish. Chef Chanra and Chef Rado’s clear demonstration of how this simple aromatic dessert was a feast for the eyes, and an encouragement for audiences that they could replicate it at home for any occasion.