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Week 3

Virtual Food Festival

Virtual Food Festival Session 3

Hosted by actress Sok Sokonitha at Eleven One Kitchen Restaurant, the third week of the Virtual Food Fest featured a myriad of mouth-watering Khmer dishes from Eleven One Kitchen Restaurant, Sombok Restaurant, Chanang Indigenous Online, Picnic Resort and Neasa Desserts.  

 To kickstart the live show, Eleven One Kitchen Restaurant’s chef showcased their Roasted Khmer Chicken with Five Flavour Sauces. The whole chicken was slowly marinated and roasted to perfection which made the outside of the skin crispy and flavourful.

We were also treated to a sumptuous display of Amok snails, Samlor Korko, mushroom dumplings and Chek Khtis (banana cream) dessert.

Sombok Restaurant then presented their delectable Sombok Teuk Kroeung with Salmon Roe. A modern reinvention of the traditional dipping sauce, this dish was made using pounded river fish with garlic, grilled fermented fish and fresh lime. For the finishing touch, a rich topping of salmon roe was added, which made for a divine match when eaten with the crunchy seasonal vegetables.   

Next up, Picnic Resort cooked up storm with their Fried Prahok. A staple dish, Fried Prahok is a pan-fried marinated fish from the Pursat province that is typically served with fresh vegetables. The perfect balance of spices and fermented fish made it an unforgettable light snack. 

Picnic Resort also featured their Palm Juice. Traditionally collected from palm trees, this is a popular drink in Cambodia known for its sweet and sugary taste. This refreshing juice is perfect for quenching one’s thirst on a hot day.  

Chanang Indigenous Online then showed us their flavourful Chanang Beef Noodle Soup and Chanang Pork noodle Soup. These comforting dishes featured thick juicy pieces of cut chilli, pork and beef cubes, satisfying any meat cravings that will warm your soul. 

To end off on a sweet note, Neasa Desserts treated us to a dessert galore with traditional Khmer desserts. One of these was Num Ansom Khnor, a traditional sticky rice cake. These cakes are often eaten by locals during auspicious celebrations of the year, such as Khmer New Year.