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Week 1

Virtual Food Festival

Virtual Food Festival Session 1

On the first week of the Virtual Food Festival, Phnom Penh-based 123 Pig Restaurant, Labaab Restaurant and Mahob Cuisine, held a live food exhibition on how to cook various Cambodian dishes. 

Hosted by singer and entertainer Sopheak Kosoma at One More restaurant, we start off with watching One More’s chef present their special One More noodles, their own version of a popular local breakfast dish. Having added rice noodles to a rich clear broth, One More noodle tasted comforting and is a must-try. 


We were also treated to a visual feast of Somlor Kokor Catfish, a traditional and quintessential soup Cambodian dish.  

After that, we watched 123 Pig arrange a dish of Sang Vak, a famous traditional dish that originated from the Battambang region. Often found in street food stalls across Cambodia, Sang Vak is made from simple ingredients such as raw vegetables, grilled sour fish paste and Khmer noodles. 

Next up, we were greeted by Labaab Restaurant’s chef and his sumptuous coconut tips salad creation. A delicious and light dish, the coconut tips salad was made from mixing together prawns, calamari, sprig leaves, onions slices, carrot slices and a small bowl of red sauce.


Mahob Cuisine then showed us how to stir up our own mouth-watering Lok Lak, Cambodia’s version of black pepper beef. A traditional Khmer dish made from sirloin beef fillet, the meat was cooked tender and accompanied by a coat of peppered gravy.

Next on the list was Chha Trobotherwise known as grilled eggplant with minced chicken. Cooked by chargrilling eggplants and stir frying the chicken on medium-high heat, this is a simple yet refreshing dish that will tempt your taste buds.  

Last by not least, we finished off the food exhibition with Neal Cakes’ presentation of their tasty and traditional Cambodian cakes, which can be loosely translated to Chakkachan